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  • Cant wait until this is live!!

  • are you linked any way to fortress developments this is the best web cam besides the stadium in the province now one can see exactly what there up to love the cam thanks

    • Hi Mike, Thank you for the positive feedback! We are not affiliated with Fortress Developments or the Capital Pointe Development. We just saw an open opportunity for a webcam and thought we would invest the time to make it happen. Hope you enjoy!

      -Capital Pointe Webcam

  • Hardeep Batoo
    10 months ago

    That Amazing Guys very good tool to show it to our clients. Thank you so much

  • Nice to see a webcam, very reassuring after such a long stretch of inactivity! Thanks for the great cam!! The person(s) in charge of this feed should give some pointers to whoever is in charge of the Capital Pointe Facebook account, looks like they take photo’s/video with a potato LOL.

  • Would be awesome to get a second camera aiming down from the Canada Oils Building for an above view just as awesome as this one :).

    • Will there be a second camera?

      • Hi Kellan, We have no plans to add a second camera at this time. Thank you for inquiring.

  • frank turgeon
    5 months ago

    nice view of jobsite would be nice to be able to zoom in same as the stadium cameras

    • Hi Frank,

      Thank you for the feedback, we will look into implementing a zoom feature.

  • frank turgeon
    5 months ago

    slowest jobsite in the city–need flashback to this am to see iff anything done- need same as the stadium there you can go back and check on something

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